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  • To help you explore opportunities for traveling abroad by presenting valuable information and insights on how to make the best of your time out there.


  • To inspire you and to help you go beyond the status quo.


  • To show you how to reach new horizons and learn stimulating lessons.

“You are never too old to learn or too young to teach.”

We are passionate about traveling, personal growth, connecting and exploring stimulating experiences!

This project began with the Erasmus+ co financed project “We’ve More in Common than in Difference 2017-3-ES02-KA105-010532”, a youth exchange in 2018 and is made possible thanks to the youth team at A.C.S.E.S.O (Asociación Cultural, Social y Educativa Segundas Oportunidades) and the young people from all over Europe and beyond. A.C.S.E.S.O is a non-profit youth organisation that is located in Gran Canaria, Spain.

Other Projects Realized by ACSESO

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